Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sensitives & Psychics

I'd like to start out by stating that our group, Mystique Paranormal, does not use sensitives or psychics officially in any of our investigations. Having said that, about half my group, myself included, are sensitive with one psychic. We use our "gifts" to help us capture evidence, and it has proven to be very helpful in that regard. All those with ability are asked to internalize any impressions and/or messages received, then log that info post investigation. MPRS follows a purely scientific methodology at all times.

I've also decided to start a Facebook group page called Sensitive's Chat Cafe as a forum to learn and share information, ideas, and hopefully foster mentorships. Please feel free to join the group if your gifted, & all skill levels are welcome to join! Below I'd the FB link to the group page:

Thank you!

Founder & Lead Investigator

423-401-8081 Group

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