Saturday, February 23, 2013

How does an investigation usually go?

Since each paranormal team works differently, be advised this is our normal process for a hunt...

1) About 3-5 days (varies) prior to a hunt, we do an in depth face to face interview and a property walk through. This varies a lot depending on if its a residential home or a business/other.

2)once the date of an investigation is scheduled, we ask our members to RSVP. If the location is small, we limit our investigators to usually 3-5.

3) Day before: all equipment is fully charged, discs & cassettes marked, delete
old files, then organize all your equipment in a neat & easy to find manner. Always bring extra batteries. Place everything in one easy to get to location so it'll be handy to load up in your car the next day.

4) Give entire team a brief walk through, point out hot spots & what activity occurs there.

5) Once everything is moved from the cars to the location, you're preselected area for command is ready to be set up.

6) First remove all equipment from cases, organizing everything by type (cameras, camcorders, audio, etc). No food nor drinks should be near this area. Attach any extra parts, such as IR Illuminators, so they are ready to roll. Then take all empty cases and move them to a good out of the way place, preferably away from command.

7) The command table itself is set up per instructions from tech manager. This usually involves DVR set-up and starting a master log for command. Everyone not involved in baseline readings & photo canvases must assist tech manager with tech set up. The team doing the baseline readings (average EMF & TEMP) and the photo canvas are generally a 3-4 member group, with a min of 2. They fill out both an indoor & outdoor log.

8) Once everything's up and running we usually take a 10-15 min break for phone calls, bathroom breaks, smoking breaks, etc etc

9) Go dark! This is when the fun begins!

10) All teams & team rotations are worked out before arriving at any location. Teams are generally 2-3 investigators & each team will get to investigate each area at least once.

11) Between each rotation we try to limit the time back to 5-10 min max so that we get as much investigating done as possible.

12) If we are doing a full night hunt, we will take a 15-20 min break, similar to when we took one after set up

13) We do rotate each team for at least one rotation at command. We do alway try to have the tech manager run the first command rotation, then either the tech manager or the asst. tech manager run the last tech rotation.

14) At the end of each investigation, the group votes on the place we should visit last as a whole group. Generally we'll run a 15 min ghost box session there.

15) Pack up! Equipment is easy to miss so we do 3 full checks for any left behind. Just like set up, everything needs to be taken down & organized. All wires & cords should always be wrapped up neatly (no Christmas tree lights!!). Once everything is organized then you can begin packing everything in the correct case they came in. Once a case is full, move it to the designated area for stuff ready to go into cars. Then when everything is packed up place it in the car(s) neatly.

16) 2-4 members do the final property walk through, looking for any equipment missed and cleaning any mess you made, including picking up trash, etc.

17) Finish up with a brief meeting to plan review goals.

18) Once you've either locked up yourself, or waited for the owner to lock you out, then your officially ready to go!

Please keep in mind this is a very minimalist outline of an official hunt, there is so much more. Once you try it once, you'll either become a member of a team, or you'll swear never to do it again. For those of you like us, we live for it!

Thank you so much for checking out our blogs & please check back for more!

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Thank you,

Samantha M.
Founder & Lead Investigator

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