Saturday, February 2, 2013

For our Clients

"We promise excellence through diligence, while being scientific, professional, and compassionate"

Our promise to all our clients, is, as it says provide excellence through diligence, while being scientific, professional, and compassionate. What that means to us, is that we will continuously strive to provide each and every client, big or small, with the same degree of professionalism and compassion towards their individual situations and their private investigation(s). We are proud to be one of the only teams in the general Chattanooga, TN area that provides a purely scientific paranormal investigation, with absolutely no official use of sensitives/psychics/etc.

We are continuously striving to provide credence to the field of paranormal research, as well as working towards a united paranormal community.

We believe in staying in contact with all our clients on a regular basis, past, current, and future. M.P.R.S. never charges any of our clients for our services, but we do accept donations via the PayPal Donation Button at the bottom of our homepage ( As a group, we always provide each client with at least two contacts within M.P.R.S., whom can be contacted anytime in the case of an emergency. We always place families with children at the top of our list, because above all we are here to help you. While we also strive to explain the unexplainable, find solid proof of the paranormal, and continually improve both our paranormal educations and practices, our clients come first.

We are happy to provide you with references upon request. Please note, however, that most private residence cases wish to remain confidential, so most references will be from business owners and such.

Regardless if you are a business owner, private resident, governmental agency, or anyone else, Mystique Paranormal Research Society is happy to be here for you. We use a purely scientific methodology in our investigative approach. In so doing, we ALWAYS search for a natural reason before a paranormal one. You have our promise to work with you as long as needed and to help you get whatever other kind of assistance you may require, we do not just investigate, show you our evidence, then leave. Many times most investigations require at least one follow up investigation, because ghosts do not always perform on cue!

Remember, we offer many different degrees of confidentiality to all clients, including complete confidentiality. If you believe you may be experiencing a haunting, please contact us at:
(423) 401-8081

You can also fill out and send a "contact us form" from within this website, either will go to the same email address.

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Please stay tuned as we continue to provide more evidence to our website for your own review. We love to hear from you as well, with any comment, questions, or concerns, so feel free to contact us via email or our "contact us" page!

Do you believe?

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