Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What are "orbs"?

So what are orbs? Unfortunately this phenomenon is largely misunderstood and misdiagnosed in the paranormal field. Sadly many in the field feel that every roundish ball of light on photo and/or video is an orb, more specifically an energy orb. Actual energy orbs have very distinct characteristics, such as omits its own light and moves with intelligence. There is even a debate over what an energy orb is. One side says its a spirit manifesting, while others believe its a simple byproduct of a haunting. MPRS falls into the latter ideology.

What many in the paranormal put up as evidence as being energy orbs are actually dust, moisture, or bugs. Of these, the only one that moves with intelligence is the bugs, because they're alive. Bugs are realitivly easy to decipher, their legs and/or wings generally are apparent when looked at closely. Dust orbs are easy to pick out due to their telltale concentric circles that are very evident, especially upon a closer inspection. Moisture orbs are similarly easy to distinguish from the other types of orbs by their marbled effect and their penchant for being colorful.

All in all, when viewing any evidence of an orb, check for concentric circles, colorful marbled effects, and legs/wings. All of those can be tossed out. Then, even with an energy orb, always take orb evidence with a grain of salt. MPRS always prefers to have some sort of colloberating evidence, such as an EVP, a noticeable EMF and/or temperature change, etc.

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Mystique Paranormal Research Society (MPRS)

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