Friday, February 15, 2013


If you're new to, or not a member of, the paranormal community then you may not have even heard of paranormal unity. The idea behind para-unity is that since all paranormal groups are essentially reaching for the same goals, namely to help people & to find indisputable proof of the paranormal to make it an accepted science, is to work together to bring about these advancements that much quicker.'s easier said than done. Many groups believe their way is the only way and/or an unhealthy group rivalry. MPRS has reached out to many groups in our area to try to foster far we have been greatly disappointed in the general lack of even a response from many groups in our general area.

In a perfect world, at least twice a year the local & semi local groups should meet up and learn from one another. The best way to start building these bridges is to simply accept that although you may strongly disagree with another teams methodology, just accept that they are following a path different, not bad or wrong, just different.

To those of you reading this, I highly recommend you start reaching out to other groups in your area. Knowledge is truly power, so let start sharing with each other today.

Thank you!
Founder & Lead Investigator
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  1. Your goal is a noble one, and one that is appreciated by many. Please don't be discouraged by the lack of response from other local groups. As they grow and mature I'm sure that they will come around.

    I think that some groups consider themselves superior by the nature of the equipment that they use. Groups that can afford to have thermal cameras and translation devices like the ovilus (sp?) may suffer from the belief that they are more serious about hunting because they have the money to invest. This is not so. We all have the same goals and should be working together to reach our common one.

  2. Thanks Michael! Yes I agree that those groups with all the expensive equipment do mostly have an inflated sense of self worth. In my last group, I was involved in a few joint investigations, which you would think means that the two teams would work together? Nope, each time they'd set up their own command seperate from ours and then just do their thing totally independent of what our group was doing. Imagine how contaminate the evidence was! All very very frustrating. I do hope one day teams can learn to compromise & work together on joint investigations...or at least communicate with each other!