Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where we came from...

Where did MPRS come from? Here's our back story....

Although I've had experiences my entire life, I didn't start "ghost hunting" until 2006. I joined a group out of Cleveland, TN that is no longer together. I investigated with them for approximately 3 years & sat on their board of directors as Vice President for the majority of that time.

While I got to learn investigative technique, the basics of how a group is organized & run, I began to have some fundamental disagreements about some group policies & practices. I am not speaking bad of them, my ideas where just so different that I decided to leave the group. The main practice I strongly disagreed with was the official use of psychics & sensitives in the investigative process. Myself a sensitive, I never choose to join the psychic team, preferring to utilize scientific tools to capture proof of the paranormal.

About a year or so later, I started thinking about starting my own group. After a few false starts, MPRS came together initially in September of 2011. Today we are going strong with 14 members and 14 investigations to date, a large number of our membership being sensitives & psychics. The main difference is that in MPRS, us sensitives use our "gifts" to capture scientific evidence. You'd be surprised how well that works for us! We all work on internalizing much of what we feel, logging it all later so that we don't influence our fellow members. MPRS is built on a purely scientific methodology, and we are all proud of that!

We also believe that all groups have the right to investigate as they see fit. After all, who says which ways right or wrong? There just different! Paranormal unity is very important to us, because we are all looking for the same thing ultimately. Simple, undeniable proof of the paranormal and helping it become a recognized science by the scientific community. Each and every group is also there to help those who feel they are experiencing a haunting. We all just want to help you!

Hopefully as we move forward, paranormal unity can become the norm instead of the exception!

Thank you!
Founder & Lead Investigator
Mystique Paranormal (MPRS)

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