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Know Your Haunts 101!

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In the field of paranormal research, it's generally accepted that haunting fall into 1 of 3 categories.

1) Residual
2) Intelligent
3) Demonic

Residual haunting are, to most people, the least threatening once you understand what's going on. In essence, residual hauntings are simply trapped energy. With these there is no way for the entities to communicate with you, nor you with them. In actuality there is not an actual entity present, even if you see it. Think of this type of haunt as more of a recording from the past replaying its self over & over again, be it footsteps up the stairs at 2am every other Thursday, or seeing a woman crying once a month. The thought behind residual haunts is that moments of high intensity (think crying woman) and repeatedly occurring actions (think footsteps on the stairs) imprints on time. Easiest way to find out if you have a residual haunt is to journalize all your activity. You'll notice the patterns easily with residual activity.

By far the most common type of hauntings is the intelligent type. This is where you have humans that have passed trying to communicate with you, generally for help. A lot of times, people become scared of these entities and their attempts to communicate. Think of it from their point of are walking around and no one can hear you and see you. Would you not get upset and do things like hiding their keys or throwing a pop can at someone??? I know I would be!

Of course, we fundamentally believe that a spirits attitude doesn't change simply because they died. So if one were a nice person in life, why wouldn't they remain so in death? On the same token, if you were mean in're mean in death. The good thing about intelligent hauntings is that you can reason with the majority of them. Such as telling them they are no longer welcome in your home. You may have to repeat this over & over before they all leave, but they will as long as you stand firm in your request. Just think of them as people, just like you & I, but without bodies.

The third type of haunt is extremely rare, but they do exist and it's the worst type of haunt to have, period. I'm referring to demonic hauntings. Please note that the term demonic is used to generalize & simplify a who host of entities. Technically they are inhuman entities (never were flesh & blood) with malicious intent. This reaches across all religious & cultural beliefs.

Demonic haunts are generally accepted to to follow a 5 point escalation in activity, ultimately ending in death.

1) Manifestation - intentional or unintentional invitation is made that allows these entities to your home & to you. Some common ways to open this doorway are playing with a Ouija Board, holding Seances, & playing with tarot cards.

2) Infestation - entities takes on a persona you will trust, such as an Angel, a loved one, or a child. This stage is all about deception & gaining your trust. Very similar to an intelligent haunt at this point.

3) Oppression - entities begin making demands, steps up the mental & physical attacks on residents. At this point they are trying to make you give up your will to live; thus, selling your soul. Suicide is very common by this stage.

4) Possession - entities gain control of both your body, mind & emotions. The demonic entity is almost always there to override the humans ability to do anything. The possessed person, if is granted periods of control, is still subjected to threatening internal communication.

5) Death - This is the ultimate desire of demonic entities. They want you dead so they can collect your soul. Murder-Suicide & just suicide attempts are extremely common at this point

Please note that I've barely scratched the surface of these 3 most common types of haunts & that there are more types of haunts as well. I've tried to just give a brief introduction to each mentioned above. I hope to later go more into depth with each of these haunt types, as well as discuss the other types of hauntings generally accepted in the paranormal community.

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