Friday, March 29, 2013

Ghost Hunters Needed!

Hey all!

I'm excited to announce that Mystique Paranormal (MPRS) is finally looking for new members! While past experience is not needed, it does help. Must be 21 or older, with a reliable form of transportation, and at least 2 hours per week, not including investigations themselves. The ability to obtain your own equipment, within reason, within a 90 day period is also vital.

We utilize a purely scientific methodology, but invite both true skeptics to sensitives to join.

If interested, first take some time to look over our website at:

If you like what you see, then contact us at:

From there, we have a two process interview procedure we'd move through. That gives both you, & us, the opportunity to see if we fit.

Don't let all that seem daunting, it's really not! :)

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Please feel free to ask any questions you'd like.

Thank you!

Founder & Lead Investigator
Mystique Paranormal (MPRS)

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